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    Water Damage
    Fire and Smoke
    Structure Drying
    Mold Remediation
    Storm Damage
    Biohazard Clean
    Electronics and Equipment
    Document Drying
    Emergency board-ups

    Why Use Majestic Warrior For Water Damage SEO Services

    The water restoration industry is a highly competitive one. While the potential revenue is high, the market for such services is not exactly the biggest. It is important to be proactive to obtain potential customers that would be looking for your emergency services when they need it. If they are not finding you, they are finding your competition. If you are in the water restoration business, you need to get every advantage that you can get. With the help of Majestic Warrior’s expertise in water damage restoration SEO, you can expand your market reach and get more customers inquiring and getting your services. Get your SEO needs addressed by Majestic Warrior today.


    Expert SEO Company

    For those who are not familiar, what is search engine optimization? Also known as SEO, this is the practice of creating content that will help a website go up the rankings in search engines such as Google. The right SEO strategies will help your website become among the first websites (if not the first) people see when they do particular searches using these search engines. There are different factors that affect a website’s search engine rankings. This is where an SEO specialist comes into play. They devise a strategy and construct your website and its content to improve its search engine rankings, maximizing site traffic in the process.

    Because of its near-unlimited potential to improve the exposure of businesses, SEO services have become highly in-demand. If you are a water restoration company and you are looking to get SEO services, you cannot go wrong by going with Majestic Warrior. With years of experience in the industry, we know the techniques and strategies that will work best in boosting your site’s search engine rankings. In addition to this, we have worked together with other water restoration companies, helping them get better exposure online, resulting to more customers and more profit. We are confident that we can do the same things for you.


    Local SEO

    One of the latest trends in the SEO industry is local SEO. To explain this in the simplest way possible, this is a set of techniques and strategies that help a specific website improve their search rankings for particular “local” searches. A local search is a type of search targeting a particular place or locality. For example, if you are searching for water restoration companies near you, you will probably type “water restoration in Arizona” or “(insert your town here) water restoration”. Aside from helping you have content targeting your local market, search engines have recently put stronger emphasis on local SEO. Taking full advantage of this detail can help you get more site traffic.

    Now that search engines themselves are being influenced by local trends, it is important that your website content should utilize local strategies. This is where our experts at Majestic Warrior come into the picture. We specialize in employing local SEO strategies for a wide range of enterprises, including water restoration services. Our strategies are guaranteed to create much-needed local traffic to your website, which has a higher probability of becoming your customers. We will help give your website a better local approach to better reach out and satisfy your target audience. 


    Google Maps Optimization 

    Google Maps is one of the latest technological innovations available today. This service uses GPS technology to help people find directions to get to the places where they need to be. This can be accessed online and is also available on a dedicated app that can be downloaded for free. While most people view this app for what it is, a useful tool for finding direction, people in the SEO industry see this as an additional opportunity for optimizing content for a wide variety of purposes. This is where Maps optimization comes into play.

    Maps optimization is a branch of SEO that makes use of the features of Google Maps to help business entities get better exposure online. When they see your listing at Maps, it makes it much easier for potential clients to travel to your business location. It can also contain vital business information such as basic online content, reviews, and external location signals. Last but not least, a listing at Google Maps is also a great way to target clients who are more visually oriented. Majestic Warrior will help your water restoration business get better site traffic by organizing your Maps listing.


    Paid Search

    We are also complimenting our SEO programs with Paid Search or PPC programs that are targeted and optimized to bring you results. We create your adwords campaign using 4 types of keyword sets:

    1. Exact Match
    2. Phrase Match
    3. Broad Match
    4. Negative Keywords

    As your PPC campaign starts we continue to monitor and optimize your restoration campaign weekly to ensure we are getting you targeted traffic that is the correct traffic. Water damage and fire damage keywords can be expensive, so it is important to make sure your campaign is well optimized.